February 1, 2005
Graphic Design USA - "100 Designer Friendly Companies"

Here is our 42nd anniversary presentation of 100 companies that care about providing top flight products and services, adding value and finding solutions, communicating with and standing behind the creative community.

SwingFrame designs, manufactures and distributes instant access frames and displays. Recognizing the growing need for quick changing displays, the company has gained a reputation for fast turnaround time on standard and custom products. SwingFrames, with their patented swing-open feature, allow for the rapid change of numerous posters, graphics, objects and merchandise.

The system provides applications for corporate, commercial, institutional, retail and residential industries. SwingFrames come in more than 30 standard sizes for metal and wood profiles, with customizable options which include size and depth, metal and wood profiles, cork and fabric backing boards, lighting additions, locking systems and more. Related offerings include Shadowboxes, Lightboxes, Top / Side Loaders, Swing Snaps and Signholders.