January 10, 2010
Erica Torre Joins Access Display Group, Inc. As Website Product Marketer

Access Display Group, Inc., a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of changeable poster frames, signage fixtures and display cases for visual merchandising and other visual display applications adds Erica Torre as Website Product Marketer.

Erica had joined the company in September 2009 and is responsible for adding new products and information to several company e-commerce websites.

“Erica’s design skills, keen organizational abilities and quick understanding of what is needed to get our e-commerce websites to function effectively, efficiently while making them customer friendly makes her an ideal fit to help us expand and build our online presence” said Brian McAuley, IT/Website Design Director for Access Display Group, Inc. “We’re confident that Erica will thrive in her role as website product marketer, a new position within the company, and will continue to use her design talents to improve all of our website properties.”

The four websites currently up and running are SwingFrame.com, Access Display Group, Inc.’s manufacturing division website; also considered the company’s corporate website. The three others E-Commerce websites are: Displays4Sale.com, SwingPanels.com and FloorStands.com. Several other websites are planned for 2010.

Erica is a recent Graduate of SBI-Campus (Sanford Brown Institute of Melville, Long Island) and has a degree in web and video game design.

About Access Display Group, Inc.
For over 15 years, Access Display Group, Inc. has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and distributing a multitude of sign and poster display fixtures including its patented multi-purpose, swing-open changeable frame and display system branded as “SwingFrame”. Thousands of corporations including, retail stores, institutions, healthcare organizations, financial facilities, military and government agencies –all businesses, small and large, in every industry have purchased standard and custom built displays. Major USA and International customers include Fortune 500 corporations such as Staples and Verizon, and major brands; Nine West, Six Flags, Stride-Rite, and Casino and Hotels; MGM / Mirage.

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