July 8, 2008
SwingFrame Mfg. Produces First Catalog

SwingFrame Manufacturing, a division of Access Display Group Inc., has printed its first catalog. The 56 page perfect bound catalog is the first real catalog the company has produced since it was established in 1992.

The free catalog is being offered to a wide range of buyers including: visual merchandisers, architects, designers, printing, imaging, sign and exhibit companies, corporate facilities managers advertising, media, and POP companies, as well as numerous other marketplaces.

Prior to this catalog, SwingFrame produced single page products sheets. Craig Abrams, SwingFrame's marketing and sales director said, "the catalog was designed on a premium stock, which represents our high quality products and services which our customers have come to expect."

The new catalog will feature a wide-range of SwingFrame Mfg.'s patented, swing-open, rapid change SwingFrame display products. "The simplicity, flexibility and versatility of our SwingFrames offer limitless design possibilities," stated Charles Abrams, president of Access Display Group Inc.

In addition to the SwingFrames, other sign holders and display products the company developed over the past several years are also featured in the catalog, including illuminated and non-illuminated
poster display sign frames & holders, poster snap frames, floor sign holders, LED Lightboxes, display cases, Shadowboxes, enclosed bulletin boards, and changeable letterboard directories.

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